If you want your professional CBD brand to thrive, you must be authentic. Branding is your ticket to success. It’s how you are going to win the hearts of your customers and what’s going to define your business. Your CBD branding will create your values, company culture and crush any competition. But a brand is not built in a day.  Let’s buils CBD brand engagement!


What do you customers see, feel, think and hear when they come across your brand? How are you educating them? How are you making a difference in their lives? You need to define the image that you want to be creating in your customers minds every time they hear your company name. Make life easy for them to understand what you do and how you do it. 

Standardize your content

Take this seriously. The world needs to know that you take your brand seriously. Make sure all images are professional (good lighting, good background, outdoor or indoor depending on what you are trying to portray). Pay close attention to the body language in the images and the psychology of color. Everything here is important. Create good visual impressions this is what will attract your audience to read your text. I like to think of it as a social event, you are in a crowded room with lots of new people, who do you go and talk to? The person who hasn’t showered in four days or the well-presented person standing in the corner? That’s what I thought. So, make sure that your images are amazing, copy clean and clear and that your concept is coherent. 

Build a relationship

As people there is nothing we love more than feeling emotionally connected. Use content, social media, PR events, customer support to be there and engage with your public. Use your CBD brand narrative to spark a conversation. This can be on anything that’s unique and distinctive to your business:  

  • how and why you got started
  • a radical personal belief
  • your vision
  • your mission

When building a relationship, we are tying-in image and narrative together. Let’s go back to our social gathering. We approach the well-presented person only to find that they are arrogant in tone or overconfident, how does this make you feel? This is important to address as our customers may have this impression of us and we were unaware of it. Map out all the touch points consumers will be having with your brand: website, blog, social, ecommerce and automations and how you need to be talking to them at each point: caring, inspirational, educational, uplifting, genuine, helpful. Adapt your language at each touch point. Your copy represents your personality, attitude and business goals so choose your words wisely. This can ultimately be the make or break for a customer. 

www.cbdedx.com cbd branding infographic

Take away’s: Your CBD branding formula 

Having the best product and services is a great start but that alone won’t earn outside trust or any build relationships. Without trust, conversations and relationships, it is difficult to generate leads and get customers noticing your brand, let alone make a sale.  

Now imagine a different scenario. Not only do you have a great brand and product but you also have engaged customers, let’s even throw in a few brand evangelists promoting your company, talking well about you to their colleagues, sharing your content on social media, publishing pictures of them consuming your products, promoting you to their friends and loved ones… Why? Because they trust you. This is what good branding is all about. Caring about your customers’ needs, engaging with them, choosing the right words when talking to them, but most of all, taking a shower and putting on your best outfit before going to that social gathering! 


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